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6                                 LETTERS   FROM   THE

the chastest taste. Thirty millions are just
borrowed for the purpose of building a new bridge
at the Palais Bourbon, making a new quay and
demolishing the houses on the bridges.

I find the environs more agreeable than ever I
did, as I have horses here, and ride out frequently.
On foot, or in a carriage, is quite another thing,
for the distance one can reach is not sufficient to
get out of dirt and dust.

I have not been to Court yet, as the King
is at Compiegne, and the Queen lives retired at
Trianon; but I shall be presented before the
voyage de Fontainebleau, and have already been
to Versailles to deliver my letters, and dined with
Mr. Eden, our minister for the commercial treaty.
There are English here, but none of any note or
of my acquaintance.

I have been with M. de la Borde to see
Monsieur Vaillant's collection of stuffed African
birds. He travelled among the Hottentots, and
has brought home the skin of a cameleopard,
which is fawn colour, with white crosses.

Dupaty has got into a scrape with the Parlia-
ment for attacking the criminal jurisprudence in
general, on account of three men condemned to
the wheel, who axe asserted by him to be innocent.
This affair will come on after the vacation, and in